Spa Mania

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This has to be one of the more upbeat time management games I have run across. Our main character focus is a green activist, Jade, that is in the process of picketing at a cosmetics factory when the game starts. She meets with her antogonist, Madam Dubois, who just brushes her off as a flaky tree-hugger, and decides that it is time to show the world that they can be beautiful using all natural products. They can refresh and relax using ancient techniques like aromatherapy and herbal teas, and Jade is going to show them how. She asks her fellow green mate for a job in his spa so she can learn the trade, and he puts her to work right away, and he is soon globe-hopping learning how to make herbal wraps from chocolate, and shiatsu massage. Her lessons take to exotic locales, and wherever she goes, she finds new ways to make the customers happy.

The gameplay is rather smooth, and there are some mini-games that help move the cashflow along. Between each level, we get the opportunity to by upgrades to make the spa visits more efficient and relaxing for our customers. They are pretty much the same everywhere we go, the happy hippy girl, the metrosexual, the brooding musclemman, the emo, the stressed-out mom, the busy businesswoman, and the little old retiree whom has earned some pampering after all her years. The little details make these people happy, and the more things Jade can do to alleviate their stress quickly, the more people she can serve. Spa Mania is lots of fun, but I still really wish I could go visit a real spa and see if the service can compare. Such wonderful places are hard to find in the small towns in NW Florida, but with the economy in an upswing, maybe someday my wish might come true.