Spa Mania 2

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

This fun time management game is a little different from its original. Jade has moved on to open a chain of earth-friendly spas, but there are reports of supplies and cash going missing. it seems Madame Dubois has hired some industrial spies, and they are lurking in Jade’s spas as customers. Jade is determined to find them and bring her corporate enemy down. We join Jade on a trek across the country in various hotspots and hot springs to find the spies.

Spa Mania 2 is not quite as user-friendly as its original. When doing massages, instead of simply bringing the customer to the table, now we have to focus on the spot that needs most attention, or we lose points. The customers are not quite as patient as before, either. While we do buy upgrades for the spas, there are no mini-games to boost our cashflow. This game is just not quite as fun as first one, but still, it has its moments. This seems to be a fun series, though. Maybe in the near future the dev team will come up with another sequel that will combine the first two games together in some manner. That is something certainly to look forward to.