South Park: Bigger,Longer & Uncut (1999)

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south parkSouth Park: Bigger,Longer & Uncut (1999) is funny and stupid film. This movie is about Stan, Kenny, Kyle and Cartman as they head to the local movie theater to see the new film, Terrance and Phillip, but when they get there, they are refused to see the film because it was rated R by the MPAA, so they pay a homeless man to accompany them. The boys learn obscene phrases from the movie which makes the other kids in town want to see the movie. The kids were cursing in class, so they are sent to see Counselor Mackey who informs their mothers.

Learning that the language was from the movie, their parents force the teachers to enforce a strict dress code banning all types of Terrance and Phillip clothing and abandon their previous lesson plans and run a rehabilitation center for the kids to get them to stop swearing. Afterwards, the boys and the rest of the children go to see the movie again. After they went to see the Terrance and Phillip movie, Kenny starts passing gas on fire. Well, he got himself on fire. Kenny had to went to the hospital. The doctors there were ripping up Kenny to pieces. They replace his heart with a baked potato. The boys’ parents came to the hospital and grounded the boys and Kenny, after being refused admission to Heaven for having used bad words, throwing rocks at birds, and missing Sunday church, is sent to Hell. He is tormented by demons while descending into Hell and meets up with Satan and Saddam Hussein who are gay lovers.

Kyle’s momma was forces President Bill Clinton, one of Presidents we had in the 90’s, into going to war with Canada by bombing the city of Toronto, Ontario, in the process which the Canadians retaliated by bombing the Arquette residence and resulting in the interment of Canadian Americans in prison camps by the United States Government, and having Terrance and Phillip executed at an upcoming USO show. I know Kyle’s momma is Jewish, but she acts like a Teabagger.

Satan watches the news in Hell when he herd Terrance and Phillip were executed. He looks at the Mayan calendar. If those two get executed, Satan will come up on the earth surface and bring hell on earth. Now, those boys got to stop their parents from killing Terrance and Phillip before Hell comes to earth. Find out when you are watching this funny and stupid movie. This movie is not as stupid as Sponge Bob Movie was. This movie show how Americans are so stupid. Why the hell did U.S. Army general kill Bill Gates because his computer or planes was screwing up on him? And he was trying use black people as human shield. Well, the human shield didn’t work. That general was racist butthole. Kyle’s momma was hating Canadians because Terrance and Phillip were cursing in there movie. If she hate Canadians so much, then why the hell did she adopt a Canadian baby. She is confused.

The soundtrack in this movie was funny as hell. Every time I hear the music in this movie I start laughing like hell. The directer who did this movie was Trey Parker. Trey Parker did this movie, the South Park TV show, South Park video games, and The American Team, which I glad I didn’t seen that yet. This movie is funny, but it is stupid. The TV show is better than this movie.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆