Soul Calibur V

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Soul-Calibur-V-PS3-Game-CoverSoul Calibur V is 17 years later after Soul Calibur IV. Soul Calibur V has really good graphics and really good gameplay. This game is about a young man name Patroklos finding his older sister named Pyrrha, and joining together, they will destroy the evil sword named Soul Edge. Patroklos and Pyrrha are the children of Sophitia. Sophitia is from the last four Soul Calibur games. You don’t see her in this game.

The characters in this game are mostly new, but some of the old characters from Soul Calibur IV are in this game, too. There a guest character in this game and the guest character is named Ezio. Ezio is in Assassin’s Creed II. He really a good character to play. In Soul Calibur IV, you have the Star Wars characters but, Ezio is better than Darth Vader, because Ezio will stab Darth Vader in the back. I don’t know about that guy from Star Wars: Force Unleashed. He will be good fighting the Templars and destroying Nightmare or the people that want Soul Edge that badly.

The graphics in this are really better than the last four Soul Calibur games. The graphics in Soul Calibur IV are pretty good but Soul Calibur V has better graphics than before. They really updated the graphics in this game and it runs really smooth. I love the graphics ten times better than before. The gameplay is the same in Soul Calibur IV, but a little bit better. Gameplay is off the chain. I like the gameplay in this game better than Moble Suit Gundam: Crossfire. I wish Namco did Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire instead of Bandai. You can play online as well. I like to face other playesr around world because I find real players are more challenging than the computer. The computer will sometimes be challenging, but facing other players around the world is far better.

This game still has the custom characters and this time you can make your female character even more sexier. I made my female and she looks like a hiphop model girls. She a hourglass figure. There some new outfits you can dress your female characters to make them even more sexier than before. There are the some old outfit in this game from Soul Calibur III and Soul Calibur IV. There other activities that you can do instead of the story. Offline is the other activity in this game. There the same activities as before and there some new ones.

Now hear the news about this game. It is short. I played the story mode in 3 hours and I beat it. The other Soul Calibur game are far longer than this game. The Story mode in this game is too easy. When I played the story mode in the last 4 Soul Calibur games, it was not easy at all. The last 4 Soul Calibur games were on normal mode, not easy mode. I love the game, but they need to put more in to it and need to make it a little bit harder. If you played Soul Calibur games and you want to play to fifth or If you are getting tired of the first-person shooters games, and want to play a fighting game, play Soul Calibur V.