Soul Blade

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Soul Blade is the beginning of the Soul Calibur series. In Japan, it is called Soul Edge. In this game, you cannot make your characters in this. You can play only nine different characters in this game. The character are Sophitia, Taki, Cervantes, Mitsurugi, Voldo, Seong Mi-na, Rock, Hwang, Li Long, and Siegfried. Siegfried will become a nightmare in later on in the game. Li Long is an old master, Sophitia is on a mission from the gods, and you seen the other characters in the other Soul Calibur games.

There some activities in this game. The activities in this game are Arcade, Time Attack, Survival, Training, and Edge Master. The Arcade is some in the Soul Calibur series play every character in 10 rounds. In Time Attack your playing a character in time limit. If you win under the time limit, it will show you what place you are in. In Survival, you are playing a character that your trying to stay alive. In Edge Master you playing each character to unlock there weapon. Edge master only have 11 levels. Training is to learn how to play the game if you didn’t try other Soul Calibur games. The gameplay in this looks like Star Gladiator because the graphics looked crappy, but it is old game. It been around since 1996. The graphics were 3D not 2D. It was in the arcade back than. In Arcade, you will been spending lots of money if you die once. Soul Blade was on PlayStation since 1997. This game shows when video games were more challenging and longer. So, If you want old-school fighting game that is more fun than today’s games or getting tired of shooting games, play Soul Blade.