Something to remember about voting, it is a privilege and a right!

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With the election just days away everyone should know that it is their right and privilege to vote. While many feel that means that they should not even care about the vote, that is just wrong. Everyone should vote to show who they feel should be in the office that they are voting on. You shouldn’t worry about who is going to win but you should vote from the heart. You should vote for the person that you feel would do the BEST job for the office that they are running. If you feel that they are not suited then don’t vote for that person but please vote. The election is not a horse race and when people stop betting on who the winner is going to be we might actually see some meaningful change in this country of ours. So take a look at this video, it just might show you a thing or two.

Just so you know men and women have died for your right to vote. Some have even went to jail so that you could now vote. If you don’t vote then you are saying that our country just isn’t worth it. If you don’t vote then you are saying that all those that sacrificed for you were worth nothing. If you don’t vote you are saying that those who say we have the worst government in the world is right and that they live in a better country then you do. If you don’t vote then you are saying that you don’t even care about this country of ours and don’t care what will happen to it. If you don’t vote as an American citizen then why are you even still living here, you might as well not even be a citizen of these United States of America.

On election day I challenge you to vote, I dare you to vote! If you don’t vote then you will never have the right to complain about something that you yourself might have been able to change with just one vote. Ever vote counts, don’t let anyone tell you any different. If they do say it doesn’t matter then they are suppressing you and the rights that have been bought and paid for in BLOOD! Remember that on election day!