So Where Does It Go From Here?

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At around 6 P.M., on September 8, 2011, a very prepared Barack Obama came to Capitol Hill armed with a speech that might just be the jolt to give new life to the dying battery that has been sustaining this vehicle called the American Economy with the American Jobs Act. When I was a kid, whenever “Special Reports” came on every network station, and that was when you got just the three and possibly PBS on a UHF channel, I tended to dart outside to play dodgeball, or go to my room to play Pong or read a book. Yeah, you read that right, “Pong”. OW! I think I just got stamped with an expiration date.

This was not the case on Thursday night. I was pretty much glued to the set to hear what Mr. President had to say about how to fix the 21st Century Depression. Sure, things look a little different now. The tech is better, and people are better fed, when they can get food, but we still have our own dust bowl, and The American Jobs Bill might just be the… Next New Deal? Maybe we are going to get that jump start, but now to we get everyone on board. If you were watching along with the rest of the nation, you could read the looks on some of the faces of Congress members from both sides of the camp. There were wide-eyed surprises, sly, all-knowing jeers, and some simply dumb, blank stares.

I’m sure we will be seeing all the news networks tearing apart this speech and bill line by line to look hidden agendas. From what I can see on this side of the screen, there does not seem to be any. I live about an hour’s drive from “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches” on Florida’s Emerald Coast, except that it can be rather difficult to see the beaches due to the many empty condo buildings that have been built on them. Perhaps when America does get back to work, all those people who put off retirement to make ends meet will be able to become the old-fashioned Snowbirds I recall from the 1980s. Maybe all those workers that once built those high rises will be building new roads and even a badly needed high-speed rail system that was once considered to bring the Florida economy a huge boost.

While I have seen vast improvements in transport systems in the larger cities on Florida, the small towns still seem to have been forgotten, but no matter if you live in a small town or big city, there is always going to be a need for a better way to get around. Some of us small town folks would like to go down to the tourist areas, and if we have an affordable way to do that, those big theme parks might a boost of new business from “local traffic”.

So, American readers of Musings, get on to your reps and senators right away to get everyone back to work, and if you aren’t American, then thanks for your support, and keep enjoying the reviews, commentaries, and other fun things we do. If we get everyone on board to a new future, then this decade will be one bamf of a time for everyone!