Sniglet of the Day: September 4

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Sniglet Of The DayZyxnoid (ZIKS noid) – n. Any word that a crossword puzzler makes up to complete the last blank, accompanied by the rationalization that there probably is an ancient god named Ubbbu, or German river named Wfor, and besides, who’s going to check?

It’s Sunday morning, and across the nation, millions of puzzle-minded people are going to the diversions pages of their local newspapers, whether it be the New York Times or the Columbus Dispatch, or even the Panama City Herald to take on those Jumbles, Sudoku, and especially the crossword puzzles. In this age of online information, people still can indulge themselves in the one thing that makes an old-fashioned ink-printed newspaper worth the paper it is printed on. The crossword! Now, there is true news interaction!

Some do them in ink, some in pencil, but the time they take, on their front porch, or at a local doughnut shop, coffeehouse, or quick-service restaurant with their morning coffee, to get their minds activated for the day just seems to kick things into gear before going to work. If it is a weekend, or holiday, they just might go back to bed, but no matter. The puzzle is filled, and if there happens to be a zyxnoid or two in the mix, at least they took a good guess. So quit reading this sniglet, and see what other sniglets you can add to your own puzzles.