Sniglet of the Day : September 3

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Sniglet Of The Dayglutetic chair (glew TET ik chair) – adj. A twentieth-century design chair, found most often in movie theaters. The main feature of the Glutetic chair is its ability to keep folding up underneath a person as he tries to force it down with his rear.

Glutetic chairs are a very efficient way to fill a theater, and require very little effort to make them work. One just forces the seat down with his or her rear while holding on to a jumbo tub of popcorn and a soda the size of an oil barrel. This is also effective for parents that have to hold on to small children when they take them to see the latest computer animated movies, or when a new American Girls movie comes out, there is minimal effort for the young ladies to place their cloned little friends beside them.

While the glutetic chair is simple to use, if you run into a faulty one, one that might have a weak spring, or is just worn from years of wear due to too many backsides of variable sizes using it, it might backfire on you when you try to activate it. This might result in a bruise on the back of your thighs, or in losing all your movie snacks. Glutetic chairs are often found at concert venues, but during high energy shows, they tend not to get used all that often, which is why the glutetic chairs in concert halls tend to be less worn than those at movie theaters. Give one a try at either place someday, and feel the difference for yourself.

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