Sniglet of the Day : September 29

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Sniglet Of The DayAlt-tabulation: Quickly clicking off an embarrassing screen in class in hopes that the people behind you won’t see it.

Okay, kids, from grade-school to graduate school, we know you’ve all done an Alt-tabulation at some time. You could be playing casual games, looking for some gossip about some teen idol, or maybe even getting the stats on your dream car, but before you want everyone in class or the library to see what you might be into that might be considered uncool, you know the shortcut to get back to work. The two-finger salute that has been with us since the nineties, when the Internet was for… more questionable and much bluer activities.

So now you’ve evolved, and after learning about how unsavory practices online could infect your machine or your bank account, you are more wary, but that won’t stop your obsessions or addictions to certain things online. So what if you might be a jock who like RPGs, or a beauty queen that reads online comics, or any comics, for that matter? The old Alt-tabulation gets you back to the real world real quick, and saves you the ridicule of your classmates, teachers, or professors, and even sly looks from snooty librarians. It’s been in practice for nearly twenty years now, and it won’t be going away any time soon.

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