Sniglet of the Day : September 24

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Sniglet Of The DayBANECTOMY (bah nek’ to mee) n. The removal of bruises on a banana.

We all love the flavour of tropical fruits, and the one that is most common to us and the one kids love the best has to be the banana. In fact, when I grew up in Gahanna, Ohio, as kids, we’d say stuff like, “I’m tellin’ on you!” “Why?” “‘Cause you threw a banana and blew up Gahanna!” Silly kids games aside, most of us will at some time have to perform a banectomy. Get your paring knife good and sharp, and work those bruises off, because that mushy stuff is not going to taste all that well in a banana daquiri. If you are baking banana bread or muffins, let it get a few more bruises. If that banana has many outside bruises, a banana split might be out of the question, unless it’s these Banana Splits.

No matter how you take your bananas, plain, slit down the center and filled with many flavours of ice cream and syrups, baked in quick breads, or spun around in a blender with some rum and crushed ice, it’s up to you if you need to perform that banectomy. No matter what, you’ll get your potassium and so much more.