Sniglet of the Day: September 18

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Sniglet Of The DayFRAZNIT (frahs’ nit) n. Any string hanging from an article of clothing, which when pulled causes the article to completely unravel.

I don’t blame anybody for not wanting to get rid of a fraznit. They are always in your plane of view, and most of the time they are really itchy. The really bad ones tend to be made from some kind of thick nylon thread. You always take a chance when pulling on a fraznit. If you get a few inches loose and tightly bind it around your fingers, it could snap cleanly, and you’ll be done with it. Then there are the ones that are out to sabotage you. These are the fraznits that won’t wind out, but that keep going and going until you hit the seam that is holding it on. Sometimes it might go beyond that, and your fraznitted garment might end up looking like a ball of yarn that was attacked by a cat. If you must attack a fraznit, do so with a small pair of scissors or even a set of nail clippers will do, because that loose bit of elastic might turn into a very loose sweater, knits pants, underwear, etc. if you get a fraznit that does not want to give it up.

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