Sniglet of the Day : September 12

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Sniglet Of The DayCELLOSTATIC (sel oh stat’ ik) adj. The electrical property of cracker and cigarette wrappers that causes them to stick to your hand.

So, you’ve indulged in a little vice of something that is bad for you. Sweet, salty, or tobacco, and now you have this plastic wrap that just does not want to let go. That is what is called cellostatic. Those wrappers on your packs of Lance cookies or crackers, or on those cigarettes or little cigars just want to stay with you after you have opened them, and you have to do a “Sticky Tape Dance” to get it off. Soon you will find yourself flailing around like an arachnidiot while attempting to get this little piece of plastic off of you. You could rub your hand against your body, but try to avoid your hair or any kind of fabric you might be wearing that might be attracted to plastic with cellostatic properties. The wrapper could cling to your hair, making you look like you had just played with the electrostatic generator at COSI. This might be hard to explain since the science center might be thousands of miles away from the C-store where you bought the Nabs or cigarettes. If you do ask for help in getting any cellostatic plastic off of you, just hope that the wrapper doesn’t cling to your friend. They might not be to happy about it, and having an electrically-induced Afro ‘do might be the smallest of your problems.