Sniglet of the Day : October 7

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Sniglet Of The DayBowlikinetics (boh lih kih neh’ tiks) – n. The act of trying to control a released bowling ball by twisting one’s body in the direction one wants it to go.

There is quite nothing like league night at the local bowling alleys, and if you are not competing take the time to observe some Bowlikinetics. It’s not like Pilates or tea-bo, or any of the silly exercise programs that we have seen in the last few years, but instead a type of psychic energy dance that features two partners, the bowler and the bowling ball. Once the ball is released down the lane, the bowler will sometimes jerk a little to the left, then the right, then nudge back the other direction, and so on, until his or her ball hits the pins on the other end. It becomes quite a sight to see when all of the lanes are filled with bowlers doing their bowlikinetic moves. They are never really synchronized, and they all move a bit chaotically, doing their best to encourage the ball not to find the gutter or to find that sweet spot that will give them a strike. Since you are at the bowling lanes observing all this, kick back and crack a cold one. The entertainment value in watching an evening of Bowlikinetics is worth a few beers, at the very least.

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