Sniglet of the Day : October 23

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Sniglet Of The DayOcrapment- n. The attachment that you send with the second email after being informed that you failed to attach it to your first email.

There are those times when you find a picture or a video online that is so funny or cute, that you just have to send it out, but in your excitement, you tell whomever all about it, and forget to attach the little piece of media. So after a slap to the head or a facepalm, you add the ocrapment. So, whomever was supposed to get the email will now be getting two. One that says something that means nothing, and the actual goods after that. At least the piece you sent them will be worth the little extra bit of bandwidth that was eaten up by the link to nothing. So, it could be an LOLcat, or some other silly meme, or maybe a video of someone running into a pole in the middle of nowhere, or just some cute kittens playing with anything from a walking stick bug to a ball of yarn. Anything to elicit a laugh and a smile. So, the ocrapment is definitely worth the little extra time you put into it, but it still can be a little embarassing. Once the person does open the pic or video, they will most likely forget about the mistake completely.