Sniglet of the Day: November 29

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Sniglet Of The DayXerox Subsidy (zee-rocks sub-suh-dee) np. Euphemism for sneaking free photocopies at the workplace.

Maybe you’ve been lucky, and just haven’t gotten caught yet, but isn’t it nice to have that Xerox Subsidy? So many photocopies at your disposal for just about anything. For school, for DnD gaming! Recipes, you name it, if you can sneak it into the copier, you can have it duplicated in a second, and out of there before anyone ever knew what it was or that you were even there. Should you test the theory on how making a photocopy of a mirror will make you travel through time? Did I just make that up? Actually no, that came from the mind of the originator of Sniglets, Rich Hall, but it seems to fit here. So, slip on into the copy room during lunch or your water/coffee breaks. You’ll never know when someone might want that recipe for scalloped corn that you brought to the last pot luck lunch, or how many people will want to get in on the office football pool. Yes, you can even use that Xerox Subsidy for sports gambling at work, who knew? Enjoy this sneaky priviledge while you can. Someday, someone will get busted, and everyone will be S.O.L., but that might depend on how good or faulty your office manager’s memory might be.