Sniglet of the Day: November 16

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Sniglet Of The DayDarf (darf) – n. The least attractive side of a Christmas tree that ends up facing the wall.

Soon, Thanksgiving dinner will be over, and already you can hear the sounds of Yuletide standards, both classic and contemporary over the speakers of the discount stores, the better department stores, and the malls. Some of us might have artificial trees that have taken on some wear over the years, and some of us might just go to the local tree farm and get one of those spruces or firs that will make your house smell like Pine-Sol and leave needles all over the floor. When placing the tree, whether it be real or fake, you are going to find the Darf. This is the part of the tree where the bristles are a bit worn, or brown, or twisted. It just needs to be covered up, and no amount of tinsel is going to hide this flaw. So the darf gets turned to the wall, and you add just enough decoration to give it some colour or coordination if your tree is getting that monochromatic theme. This is the side that the cats will attempt to climb the tree from, and that most needles will fall off of. So Happy Holidays! May your Christmas/Yule/Saturnalia Bacchanal be very merry!

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