Sniglet of the Day : May 7

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Sniglet Of The DayEinstoned (ien’stoned) ( Imbibing to the point where one thinks they have figured out the theory of relativity.

Bravado is a trait that tends to be acquired when imbibing in libations, but some people get really cocky and downright annoying when attempting to prove their alcohol-enhanced intelligence. Parties are usually not the time to do this, but for some reasoned the Einstoned can’t seem to figure out that no one they are drinking and dancing with really cares about how smart they think they are. Eistoned people are usually not found at beach clubs other than during Spring Break. They are common at Sci-fi and anime conventions, though, and then you will never see such a horde of einstoned people in one place in your life. If you are sober enough to get away from the Einstoned, do so while you can, because the speech might be slurred, but the dialogue coming from him or her will be overly technical, somewhat dramatic, and full of horse hockey. So, you can escaped from the Einstoned, or maybe become one yourself, but no matter how you deal with one, don’t indulge to quickly, or you will never reach that destination. Too much too fast in about as stupid as it gets.