Sniglet of the Day : May 30

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Sniglet Of The Dayabominaball (a-bom’i-na-bal) (n.) Any ball that has made its way into the interior of a greenhouse or home by exploiting the presence of an unopened window.

This is the time of year when backyards become soccer pitches and football fields, and streets become baseball and kickball diamonds. Those who feel the spring breeze is just enough to keep their house cool will tend to keep doors and windows open in order to save some money on the home cooling bill before the actual summer starts. Some whom use greenhouses might also to the same. This is an invitation to an abominaball to come right on in, and for the kids who lose that abominaball to hope that whomever owns the house that abominaball went into does not own a huge, bloodthirsty rottweiler or other such guard dog. If those are lucky, whomever owns the property might let them retrieve the ball, since it did not cause any property damage, and landed safely without breaking anything. These tend to be sweet old ladies or fun older men who have grandkids whom have done similar things, or maybe they might have done something like it themselves back in my day of 1946. So kids, be careful, and don’t let an abominaball get away from you this summer.