Sniglet of the Day : May 29

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Sniglet Of The DayYardribbons (yard rib’ onz) – n. The unmowed patches of grass discovered after one has put away the mower.

With summer weather comes the tedious chore of yard work, and there is nothing more frustrating than getting all the lawn mowed and finding yardribbons. Of course, by then, the lawn mower has been stored back into the garage or garden shed, and is most likely close to being out of gas. There has most likely been many a weekend gardener or teen doing this chore that has come close to tearing his or her hair out in frustration after seeing those yardribbons. That means hauling the mower back out, getting it started again, and taking to those little spots that were missed, unless…. there is a gas-powered weed whacker! This trimmer that has ability not to only slash at hard to reach places can be used to take out yardribbons efficiently enough, but don’t let it get to close to your person, else the grass won’t be the only thing getting slashed at by that plastic cord that is spinning around at the speed of light. So, be careful of where you mow this and every weekend, especially if you might be using one of those old fashioned push mowers that uses only man-power, because you never where the yardribbons might turn up.