Sniglet of the Day : May 25

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Sniglet Of The Day A.D.O.S. – n. a not-so-serious disorder that affects MMORPG players. Attention Deficit… Ooh! Shiny! Mostly happens when questers are taken off their game path by a tracking device that indicates where they can find crafting materials close by, thus distracting them from their orginal goal.

A.D.O.S. is pretty common among gaming communities, especially in ones where materials can be found to make items to enhance the protections of other players, such as armours, weapons, scrolls and potions that can boost healing and power, or other items that can give anyone some kind of advantage over the enemies. Those players who really enjoy the crafting aspects of some MMOs can be affected by A.D.O.S at any time, and tend to run solo, or with others that have A.D.O.S, so they truly understand what their party member is going through. A.D.O.S in gaming is not to be confused with the A.D.O.S that affects dogs. That was Attention Deficit… Oh! Squirrel! which was depicted a few years ago in the movie, Up!.

If you are ever in the mood to try out one of these games that features crafting, and you might find that having A.D.O.S can be an advantage when trying to get funds to buy new armours or protections. Raw materials are always being sought after by other players whom are also addicted to crafting, but don’t have the A.D.O.S, let alone the patience to hunt down parts, and just want to get on with the game itself. So, having A.D.O.S is not really all that bad of a thing to have.