Sniglet of the Day : May 21

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Sniglet Of The DaySnargle (snar’ gul) – v. To lessen the visual impact of a horror movie by filtering it through one’s fingers.

Summer movie season is officially here, and with it comes an onslaught of movies designed to give you goosebumps, make your toes curl, and make your hair stand on end. Some of these with just outright gross you out. With the viewing of horror films, whether they be the PG-13 movies that are truly dark and scary, but not bloody (my favorite kind!), or the the NC-17 kind in which blood will flood by the gallons, expect many viewers to be snargling through them. To snargle is to find yourself a shield of your own creation made by your hands to cover your eyes so that they can protect your heart from the dark movie magic on that screen. So we all love a good scare, and nothing gets the adrenaline rushing like some eerie music and some great sound effects. Snargling cannot protect you from the sounds, which can be just as effective as the visual impact, but it can shield your eyes, and give you the chance to cover them up so you don’t have to see who might be getting brutally murdered or what might be invading our earthly realm, whether it be demons from below, ghosts from beyond, the undead that stalk the night, or even aliens with a bad and greedy attitude. Good luck with your movie viewing this season. Don’t snargle too much, or you might miss something important.