Sniglet of the Day : May 20

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Sniglet Of The DayRovalert (ro’ val urt) – n. The system whereby one dog can quickly establish an entire neighborhood network of barking.

Even though the rovalert may seem to be a neighborhood annoyance, it it actually a vast communications network used by dogs to get messages across the country. There are other versions of the rovalert. Though the rovalert seems to be based mostly in the suburbs, there is another variation of it used in the countryside by roosters, and they use it anytime of day. Sadly, our human ears cannot understand what these “dumb” animals are saying to each other, only because we do not know their language, but they certainly are not dumb. They talk more than some humans do. It seems it only takes one dog to trigger a rovalert, as was seen in the movie 101 Dalmatians. So it seems that the rovalert is rather important, but it will not stop many of us humans from yelling at our pets to shush up or quit barking at “nothing”. We know there might be a cat or a squirrel out there they just have to get out to chase, but why would that set off all these other dogs around to wanting to chase that same cat or squirrel. Animals are powerful, mysterious, and pretty smart. Sadly, we humans can’t seem to get past the fact that we are supposed to have “dominion” over them. Maybe, someday, someone might trace the trail of the rovalert to find out what triggered it and why. Not even the TAPS team has done that.