Sniglet of the Day : May 17

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Sniglet Of The Dayobliviot (ob-li-vi-ot) (n.) Someone who is completely unaware of their idiocy.

Did you ever go to school with or work with someone who was always wrong, but still thinks he or she has all the facts about anything and everything? These know-it-all/know-nothings are obliviots. They are living in oblivion, and sadly, those around them can do nothing to let these poor saps know exactly what is going on. You can huff and roll your eyes, and maybe someone might eventually get up the courage to say, “Hey, did you know that your are wrong about EVERYTHING?” If this does happen, you can revel in the blank expression of the obliviot as he or she just sits there dazed as the accuser explains things to them as your mind wanders and you hear the voices in your head saying, “Damn! Why did I think of that?” or “Get ’em! Tell ’em off good!”

This might make the obliviot more aware of what they might be doing, or it might not, because if they find the true reality for a few minutes, they will most likely slip back into that world encyclopedia of wrongness that they keep in their heads. Be prepared for more useless facts to come your way after lunch or when the spell breaks, whichever comes first. For those whom have to endure their time spent with an obliviot, kudos to you. You have been blessed more patience than most, and you use it wisely.