Sniglet of the Day : May 16

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Sniglet Of The DayNurge (nerj) v. – To inch closer to a stoplight thinking that will cause it to change quicker.

For some reason, most drivers feel an urge to nurge, especially when they are in a hurry. We all know that those traffic lights are there for a reason. They keep tefficflowing safely, and give every driver equal opportunity to get where they need to be without making the streets look like something from a car chase scene out of a 1970s action movie. So why do we nurge? Where do we have to be so quickly that we have to nurge? Work? Sure, can understand that, considering if one might be a person who is constantly tardy and might be dealing with multiple documentations which might lead to getting canned. School? It most likely won’t be going anywhere, and the kids really are in no rush to get there anyway, but if Mom wants a peaceful day, she might nurge to get them there sooner. Spring breakers heading to Panama City Beach? As if the beach is going to be eroded away before you get there. Hurricane season is in the summer, you drunken idiots! Now quit worry about how much beer you have and drive more cautiously, especially down Hwy. 79 in West Bay. The locals know that strip of road just north of West Bay is notorious for speed traps, and now you know why! Use the lights correctly, and quit nurging!