Sniglet of the Day : May 14

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Sniglet Of The DayLodgecombing (loj’ coh ming) – n. Final reconnaissance before vacating a motel room.

Summer vacations are just a few weeks away, and many parents are going to be taking the family to coastal and theme park resorts, many by car, so there will be much lodgecombing going on as Mom and Dad check for those little items that might go missing, such as a small child’s favourite stuffed animal, an MP3 player, or other tiny electronic devices, or maybe just those little freebie toiletries given as a courtesy by the motels to guests, since once they are used, they most likely end up in the maid’s trash trolley anyway. So no matter if you are reaching the beaches or cooling in the pools, or even looping around on rollercoaster, or chillin at a tiki bar and getting loopy, remember that when you leave to do some lodgecombing, else you will hear your preschooler squeal for hours on end about his/her missing bear/bunny/lizard/etc. Make sure none of those electronic handhelds get left behind, or your teens will join the pre-schooler in the squealing. While lodgecombing, don’t forget about yourselves, because that digital camera might not be so easy to replace once you spend a huge wad of cash on filling up the tank of the SUV (which might cost as much as that digital camera). Lodgecombing is a wise and logical practice used to keep your sanity during this time when you are supposed to be relieving your stress. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen!