Sniglet of the Day : May 12

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Sniglet Of The DayJAVA-VU (jah’ vah-voo) n. – Phenomemon of constantly adjusting the sugar/cream level of your coffee to your liking, only to have a waitress come along and ruin it again.

They are only trying to help, those fine servers at the coffeeshops and diners. It’s their job to make sure we stay wired throughout the day, and they know how everyone hates to have a empty coffee cup. All of these places claim to have the world’s best coffee, and the java-vu is just another way they are out to prove it. Mind you, having to add cream and sugar to that great coffee might ruin their reputation, as well as the chances for a good tip, so expect to see that cup filled again at the most opportune moment. They really don’t mean any harm, and any true coffee connoisseur knows that the perfect cup of perky potion should be drunk black anyway, thus less chance of java-vu ever happening. Why must some of us dilute our bean soup with these add-ons and make it possible for it to have to happen? Not exactly sure why, but with the advent of the coffee craze of the 1990s, it’s a wonder that the basic of cream and sugar is still so popular. Buck up, don’t wimp out, and drink that coffee the way it is meant to be. Your caffeine system will thank you, and there will be less grumbling at your waiter/ress.