Sniglet of the Day : May 1

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Sniglet Of The Dayzipijig (zip-i-jig) a. (v.) To dance around in the event that someone points a rubber band with intent to shoot.

Zipijig is a favoured dance among young children, usually at school. Bullies find it fun to watch as they pick on smaller kids with their rubberbands locked and loaded, ready to inflict sting pain on exposed areas. Sometimes the zipijig dancers are not only smaller kids, but nerdy kids, as well. Zipijig dancers can be boys or girls, and they are not always young children. Teen boys sometimes still engage in making people zipijig for their own amusement, making not only nerdy teens their target, but cute girls in short skirts, just so they can enjoy the show. Being a zipijig dancer is never fun, because the dancer never knows what part of the body is being targeted by the rubberband shooter. They never know which way to turn to avoid getting hit in a vunerable spot, or if they are very lucky, not getting hit at all. People armed with rubberbands tend to be out for only their own gain and chance at popularity at the painful expense of others. Disengage contact with those who cause zipijigs as soon as possible.