Sniglet of the Day : June 4

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Sniglet Of The Day flowfright (FLO frite) – n. The desperate attempt by a homeowner to talk his overflowing toilet into backing down

Sometimes plumbing problems happen, and toilet problems are the worst. This is when flowfright occurs. One flush… nothing. two flushes… OMG! It’s alive! At that time the homeowner will say whatever he or she can to stop what is about to happen in any kind of way. Sweet nothings, angry curses, anything to keep that water and other waste matter from surging upwards and spilling all over the bathroom floor. Could see how this could happen, because who would want to clean up that? The logical thing to do is grab a plunger and stop the upflow before it starts, but for some reason, many people think they can reason with this thing that can’t really hear them. Flowfright makes homeowners say some pretty crazy things, and if anyone happens to be listening in, flowfright might turn into something else which there hasn’t been a sniglet created for yet. Logic just flies out the bathroom window when flowfright comes in its place, and, thankfully, many toilets do not spout off like Old Faithful. To keep them from doing this, keep your pipes clear, and don’t let little kids drop their toys down there. It could really ruin what could have been a great weekend.