Sniglet of the Day : June 3

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Sniglet Of The Day Myzairstrip (miz hayr strip) n. a strip of body hair left behind that one finds after shaving legs, arms, bikini area, etc.

With the high temperatures in play this summer, one of the best ways to keep the heat off, for both men and women, is to get rid of the body hair. Over the centuries, the cosmetic industries have looked for many painless ways for us to deal with this nuisance, but shaving seems to be the quickest and most effective, evne for those with sensitive skin. The thing is, even though we and our partners love the feel of our cool, smooth skin on a hot summer day, sometimes we don’t always get every spot, and that is the myzairstrip. Most of the time it is on the legs, upper thigh, back of the knee, one of those places that you just can’t see. It is hard to avoid getting myzairstrips when body shaving is the only technique you use. Myzairstrips can even occur with depilatories, cream or spray on, because as before, there are places that you just can’t see. It might be worth a trip to a day spa to plop down some cash for a monthly waxing so myzairstrips don’t take place, but in this economy, the cheap razor will win out. Someday, maybe we will evolve enough that we don’t have to deal with this annoying practice. Until then, pass the shaving cream and blades, or maybe that stinky almond paste-based stuff, because that body hair is not going to fall out on its own.