Sniglet of the Day : June 29

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Sniglet Of The DayExaspirin (eks as’ prin) – n. Any bottle of pain reliever with an impossible-to-remove cotton wad at the top.

With summer, often comes many sinus headaches caused by allergies, or many of the low pressure weather systems that cross the country, from the frontline running for the northwest to the east, and the hurricanes coming up from the tropical Atlantic that tend to go wherever they want to go. Many of these headache sufferers will reach for the pain relievers, from nsaids to old fashioned willow bark extract, more commonly known as aspirin. There has always been a catch to getting to the good, though. Getting past that big wad of cotton that is placed in the pill bottle, and that is what an exaspirin. Getting that wad of cotton out could cause a headache, let alone the one you might already have due to whatever is bearing down on you at the moment. Not only do you have to deal with the cotton, but thanks to some whackjob whom decided to put cyanide in some bottles of acetaminophen back in the early 80s, you also have to get past that foil seal as well. It might be quicker to pour yourself a shot of whiskey or even brew up some willow bark tea to lose that pain in your head. Sadly, even though eventually the pain in your head will go away, but the exaspirins never will.