Sniglet of the Day : June 2

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Sniglet Of The Day Dimp (dimp) n. – A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking, “Do you work here?”

Can there be anything more annoying than a dimp? Maybe being insulted by one, but hey, for some reason, you must look authoritative enough to know where things might be in this discount store you just might be shopping in. Still, you could answer their question with a cold stare, or you could send them to the auto department when they are looking for dog food. You most likely are never going to see this dimp again anyway, and if you do, they might insult you again for be treacherous. Then again, they might thank you, because in your attempt to foil them, it reminded them that they needed to pick up some motor oil. There are most likely ways to avoid dimps, like taking a shopping cart with you, which gives the impression that you are a shopping, and not merely a person who came in to pick up a gallon of milk on the way home from work. No items in your possession tends to make dimps think you might work there. If you are stopping on your way home from work, wear your workplace name badge, which will clearly state that you do NOT work at that store. You might work for some high-end government agency, or the auto parts store down the street, but no matter if you badge claims you as working for NASA, or O’Reilly’s Auto Parts, they will clearly see that you do not work at that store, which will make the rest of you shopping experience dimp-free.