Sniglet of the Day : June 19

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Sniglet Of The DayUclipse (yew’ klips) – n. The dangerous arc into another lane made by drivers just be fore executing a turn.

The roads are dangerous most all the time, so why we perform uclipses is a mystery, and unwise, but we do it anyway, lest we be late to wherever we have ot be or lost trying to find it. Even with all the online technology that shows us exactly where to go and get there safely, some of us still do it. Some people don’t have GPS, or even use Google maps. There are pockets of the country where the phone services have decided that the people are so far out in the sticks that they must not go anywhere to have to use online maps. What these big corporations do not realise is that these are the people that need these things the most. I’m not saying that those living in the countryside are most commonly going to do uclipses. Far from it, because they still do things the old fashioned way, and actually use maps. There are those who do uclipses to stop them from being tardy to an illicit rendezvous, like in the movie Changing Lanes. That is just one of the reasons for all those uclipses out there. Check your time and destination, and don’t become part of an unwritten statistic, drivers whom get birds shot at them.