Sniglet of the Day : July 8

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Sniglet Of The DayManufracture – to produce items which break after little use.

There are all those dollar stores out there, and those aisles in the grocery and discount stores that feature more of these one dollar items. Sadly, many of those items are manufractured. They often come on huge cargo ships, filled with shipping containers that make great hiding places in movies like, The Medallion. Often these are small household items or toys that have been made in places where unsavory business practices tend to make for shoddy workmanship, and when the manufractured items finally reach their retail outlets, remember that even though that item might seem like such a great deal for only a dollar, it most likely is only worth pennies in parts and maybe a little bit more in labour. Some manufractured products do tend to outlast others, like icecube trays and superballs. These are just a few items that get past the manufracture breaking point. If you are lucky enough to purchase an item from one of those one dollar store, bins, or aisles, just remember where it came from, and where it might be going. The most likely destination is a landfill near you, but if you are lucky enough for your manufractured items to beat the odds, then go buy your lotto ticket right now.