Sniglet of the Day : July 5

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Sniglet Of The DayGlamp (glamp) – n. The telescopic device used to retrieve golf balls from ponds.

I’m not one to hang about golf courses. In fact, the closest I get to a golf course is Pirate Island Adventure Golf in Panama City Beach. It seems there must be more golf courses in Florida than any other state, and most likely more than there ever was in Scotland, where the game was invented. So, if you do live near a golf course, you most likely have seen maintenance crews using a glamp from time to time. Those golf course water hazards really are not that deep, and it seems their true purpose is not to make golfers lose a few strokes on their score, but as a refuge for fresh water creatures like frogs and small waterfowl. Using the glamp might slightly disturb this little habitat, but only until the maintenance guy leaves. One might wonder how long it took the creators of the game to come up with the glamp, if they ever did at all. Glamp usage is not something we get to see on ESPN, Golf Channel, or ABC Sports, but if we do somehow get to see this unglamorous behind the scenes bit of clean up on TV, just remember the guy who is using the glamp is more likely going to get more air time than we ever will.