Sniglet of the Day : July 2

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Sniglet Of The DaySwinter (swin-tur) n. A snowfall in summer.

It’s like over 100 degrees in the sunbelt, and there are places in the mountains still getting snow. Truly North America has to have to most bizarre weather patterns on the planet. As much as us Southerners would love to see a swinter, if it ever does truly happen, it most likely means its another thing that might indicate that “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”. Swinter happens up in those ice crystals that form those huge storm clouds we see all summer long, but it never makes it back down to the earth. We do love those cooling summer storms, so long as they don’t bring along all their damaging baggage in the forms of high wind gusts, hail, lightning and possibly even tornadoes. We might want to wish for swinter, especially in those fire-prone areas this year, but sadly, for some reason, the weather gods are not wanting to cooperate with residents in the deserts of the SW USA. So, just wish for some good rain to come in from North Dakota, because they are sick of it, and maybe a modified version of a swinter might happen.