Sniglet of the Day : July 12

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Sniglet Of The DayNugloo (nug’ lew) – n. Single continuous eyebrow that covers the entire forehead. Also known as a Unibrow.

There might be some kind of scientific reason of why people have a nugloo, the poor unfortunate saps. This cosmetic affliction tends to affect more males than females, but no matter what, it can be fixed some time at the mirror with some tweezers, or in a relaxing salon or spa with some wax and in a ripping flash. There has to be more than one way to take care of a nugloo, so some might wonder why we see those who have them. Many males just don’t take the time to worry about taming the unruly things, or they might be older men who are wise enough not to care what anyone thinks about how they look. Women who are cursed with the nugloo might try to go to more extreme measures to subdue the nugloo, as in the attempts mentioned above or maybe hair bleach. Really, it is a shame that evolution blessed the Asians and Native Americans with the sleek, low hair-maintenance bodies. Maybe someday, everyone will catch up with them, and the nugloo will disappear altogether. And how many thousands more years will that take?