Sniglet of the Day : July 10

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Sniglet Of The DayWow’dyot – a gamer that immigrates from World of Warcraft to other online games, yet expects the players at the new game to scrape and bow at them like they are celebrities just for being WoW players.

Why do they invade the really good games, like Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings Online, and hell, even KitsuSaga, and expect the veteran players to let them leech experience just because they play WoW? They are not all that different from the WoWbrats, but they take it a step further. WoWbrats will eventually learn that things are not the same everywhere, and they will adapt or they will leave. Wow’dyots firmly plant themselves into a non-WoW game, somehow, get into a household or kinship, then expect everyone in that kin to scrape and bend and let them leech experience and goods because they are “noobs” who don’t know how the game works. If they took the time to go through the tutorials, which is a great thing to do, even for veteran players, because of the cash and the gear you get from doing them, they would not get the Wow’dyot label. So for all you MMO players out there, whom are really hating Blizzard for what it has done to the youthful gamers of Planet Earth, feel free to use this sniglet when you come across one of these Wow’dyots.