Sniglet of the Day :July 1

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Sniglet Of The DayEntremanure: ahN-truh-mu-nyur n. A high-flyer dealer in fertilizer.

It’s not a classy job, but someone has to do it, and some people are actually pretty good at shoveling the stinky stuff. These are the entremanures, and they are good at making sure our amber waves of grain stay looking that way by selling animal waste products back to the farmers and gardeners of this great land. Where would our holiday barbeques be without the bread for the hotdogs and hamburgers, or the corn on the cob or even the watermelon? Yes, the Entremanure will even be selling to the barley farmers so we can have beer. It is the most natural resource we have, and apparently has been used for many different reasons in the past. In Raptor Red, the Cretaceous period information highway was written in poo, but only those creature living at the time would have understood what it all meant, but in our day and age, only the Entremanure can still make sense of it all, and that highway will take him laughing all the way to the bank. With all the media hype, one would think the best place for the Entremanure to score big on his product would be in Washington, but that is stinky stuff of a different kind.