Sniglet of the Day : January 1

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Sniglet Of The Dayitard (i-tard): somone who is using an iphone and has no idea how to operate the device.

I’m one of those odd people in America that don’t own an i-phone or i-pod, or even knows who iCarly is. I’ve lived on this planet for forty-seven years now, and I go through over thirty-five of them not having to have these little bits of electronic addiction. I suppose if I ever had a reason to obtain an i-whatever, I might be an i-tard for a few days, because even on the commercials, those things look pretty confusing to me. I don’t know if Musings readers will find this fact about me a bit odd, old-fashioned, or just a little too bohemian, but I’m sure that I am not the only one of us out there that doesn’t own one of these i-thingies. If we do get lucky or cursed, and find ourselves in the possession of one of these items, please don’t judge us too harshly when we can’t figure it out right away. We got through the Big 80s and the Naughty 90s. This is the generation that doomed to work with microchips without being trained on them since the first Tron movie came out. We got this.

One-liner of the day:
A bus is a vehicle that runs twice as fast when you are after it as when you are in it.