Sniglet of the Day: December 6

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Sniglet Of The DayNumismatist: N. A person with the uncanny ability to get others to voluntarily give them money.

With Washington campaign season kicking into gear, it is amazing to see how many numismatists are out there. These people have a pretty amazing talent, using that charisma to get the donations they need to get the power to make changes, and…. what’s that? Oh, there have been no changes. Well, sure there have been, but none for the better, and don’t go blaming the whole of the problem on the scapegoat in the Oval Office. There are 538 plus member of Congress that still have more collective power than any executive has ever had, and many of these people are numismatists, too. It is pretty amazing that how we have no jobs, can barely keep a roof over our heads and our family bellies filled, yet we still find a way to give money to these people. Some of them have been doing this same job for decades. Maybe it is time for them to retire, or find a new line of work. Even though we gave them the funds to get them there, and got them there by voting them in, they aren’t doing the job we hired them for. So guys, vote independent when it comes to the choices in legislative government in 2012. These unknown guys and gals might be our last best hope.