Sniglet of the Day : December 5

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Sniglet Of The DaySloovers (slew-vuhrz n. pl. Remnants of soap too small to use, but too big to throw away.

Although many of us have switched to using bodywash or liquid soaps and puffy scrubbies these days, there are still body bars and other types of soap bars still being sold out there, and these little bricks of scented goodness eventually become sloovers. Some households that still use bar soaps might have a multitude of these little sloovers in an assortment of scents and colours in a bathroom soapdish. If this is the case, maybe it might be time to check out those Hints from Heloise that we use to see in the Sunday funny pages back in the day. So, if you do have a bunch of sloovers, exactly how do you use them? Can you melt them down into a big bar of soap? Can you liquefy them into a puree and add them to your kitchen soap dispenser? Maybe you should just toss them out, since nobody really wants to use them. No matter what you do with them, at least know that they are being used to keep everyone clean, and if you didn’t have sloovers in the house, something would be dreadfully dirty and just wrong.