Sniglet of the Day: December 21

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Sniglet Of The DayPOSTALPORTS (poh’ stuhl pawrtz) n. The annoying windows in envelopes that never line up with the address.

It’s the week before Yule, but you still have those regular bills to pay, and many of them are still coming by snailmail. When you do get these, you now have the option to pay them online or to snailmail them back. With many of these come blank envelopes that have postalports. These are so you can send back the payment portion of the statement along with your check. If you have some return address stickers and some Forever stamps, just stuff the slips into the envelope, pop on the stickers,and off it goes. The problem with this method, aside from the fact that you have to pay the bill, are the postalports that don’t align with the payment stub when you put it in the envelope. Will this thing make it back to the creditor on time? Should I have just paid this bill online. Many things might go through your head as you are manipulating, or even mangling this stupid piece of paper so it lines up properly with the postalport. It seems that soon the days of the postalport might come to a close. Even though we will still want to see brightly coloured birthday and holiday envelopes, and big packages in brown paper, or even other colours that are now available to us, we really aren’t going to miss those misaligned postalports.