Sniglet of the Day : April 20

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Sniglet Of The DayExxonerated – Lets say that a CERTAIN oil tanker captain gets cranked up and wipes out the Alaskan coast line, but he only gets charged with criminal mischief, which kind of sounds like all he did was tape “kick me” signs to the backs of penguins.

Exxoneration can happen in any decade, but this was the original, OMG! He didn’t! moment that got it started, and once you start tracking the history of oilspill mishaps to current history, it seems that being exxonerated is a common theme among oil companies. From criminal mischief charges gotten while driving a tanker DUI to getting an excellent safety rating after blowing up a rig and polluting the Gulf coastline for the duration of two seasons, being exxonerated is something these guys just should not be capable of, since they don’t seem to be capable of doing their jobs correctly when drilling for or transporting oil. We can hope that less exxonerations might be happening in the future. Go a bit more green, or just don’t give these idiots the chance to do it again, but somehow, it will happen again, if not in North America, then somewhere else. Maybe this is the earth’s way of telling us to stop poking holes into her and bleeding her dry like a bunch of oil hungry vampires. Exxonerations just need to stop.