Sniglet of the Day : April 19

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Sniglet Of The DayComfit – a set of clothes that are worn for one express purpose, to laze about in.

Comfits come in all kinds of varieties, but usually consists of sweats, loose jeans, and loose-fitting t-shirts for men. Loungers, full skirts, yoga pants, and other loose fitting pants for women. Comfits are the laze about and do nothing clothes, when you don’t care what they look like, hope they are clean, just chill with a beer and the remote kind of clothes. These are the clothes you play little flash games in, play your game console in, know you are taking a fashion risk in, but who the hell cares, like anyone will actually see me in them in. They can be abused by grimy little hands that made mud pies, or by little paws that squashed those mud pies. They can be covered with flour or powdered sugar from a day of baking treats. Once you present those treats, no one will even notice the comfit. These are the clothes made to unimpress, because those who wear them know that there is a time for taking on the world, and for taking your own sweet time. Take on the world created by a Seattle dev team in your comfit, because there, no one can see what you really look like, because it’s only your avatar that matters.