Sniglet of the Day : April 17

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Sniglet Of The DayBlossor – n. The hair style one has after removing a baseball cap.

It’s a scary thought to think of the bad hair day someone who wears baseball or golf cap will have when they finally remove that cap. That is a blossor, the hair-helmet look that can only be achieved by wearing such caps, and then those do wear the caps would have been better off not removing them. Many of those who might end up with the blossor look have avoided this by wearing crewcuts, flattops, or jarheads, or if their hair is long, just pulled it through the back hole of the cap into a ponytail. This will give enough weight on the hair so the blossor can be avoided. It’s those with the medium length hair that suffer most from gaining a blossor. Sometimes these can be avoided by wearing different kinds of hats that have a bit more flexibility, but can’t really be avoided by using a do-rag or bandana, as this will give a similar effect as a baseball or golf cap. If you want take the fashion risk, go ahead and wear the cap. Sometimes a blossor won’t take, or you can shake it out. Depending on your hair type, this might do more damage to your look than the original blossor did. With the sunny weather, comes more baseball caps being worn, so just take a chance that your hair might not be the type to form into a blossor.