Sniglet of the Day : March 6

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Sniglet Of The DayButdle –v. a butt waddle, an odd step used in walking, usually by very pregnant women or people whom are dealing with the consequences of consuming far too much spicy food the day before.

It’s a funny thing to see, people who have to butdle their way through town as the move. Everyone does it at one point. We see it often in very pregnant women as they look for the easiest way to carry their joyful burden as they shop for baby clothes and diapers. Not only do pregnant women have to deal with this, but so do those whom love Cajun and Mexican foods, maybe Thai and Schezwan as well, oh, and spicy sportsbar grub, because these spicy food have a way of coming back on those whom consume them. Butdling if never unavoidable if you do wish to engage is this dangerous gastronomy, even something as seemingly innocent as a Bloody Mary cocktail might cause one to butdle. Hot sauce, tabasco, habenero, and Chinese chilis are both a friend and an enemy to those whom will eventually butdle. Choose your foods wisely, and know that you may butdle the next day, and possibly be the cause of much laughter along your way. No one has to know that you tortured your taste buds the day before. Somehow, they will most likely figure out on their own anyway.