Sniglet of the Day : March 19

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Sniglet Of The DayZEBRALANE (zee’ bruh layn) n. The striped area between the interstate and the turnoff lane where cars go when drivers can’t decide what to do next.

We all know that the zebralane was put there as a safety zone. In a parking lot, it’s the one place you are not supposed to park but on the interstate, aside from the median and those traffic jams when everyone turns the road into the world’s longest temporary parking lot, it’s about the only place you can go, if it is not blocked by giant yellow garbage cans filled with water (I’m sure there is a sniglet for these, but I have not found it yet.) The zebralane is sort of a safety net, too. A place to go when your car breaks down, or when you get lost. Is this your exit? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that GPS is having a fit, or maybe you are one of those retro-style drivers who actually uses maps and is accordianated. No matter how you drive, or how you may use it, it’s not a good place to hang out for very long, because you never know when some big semi-truck might come by and want to use it for the same purpose. Safety zone? Not so much any more.