Sniglet of the Day : March 17

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Sniglet Of The DayCatbridge – the formation of a bridge between full laundry baskets by a cat sleeping on top of them both.

Not sure how many of you out there own cats, as dogs are highly unlikely to do this. If you know of a dog that can make a catbridge, that is one very talented canine. Cats, we know, tend to gravitate towards full laundry baskets. They do not care if the laundry is clean or dirty. If it’s clean, then they can put their scent on it. If it’s dirty, then their scent is already on it. Usually a cat will claim just one basket at a time, but you have the occasion where you might have a very big or long cat that can claim two, and he or she will equally distrubute his or her feline weight over both baskets, and even leave a little gap between, and somehow, depending on if the cat is corpulent or not, they do not droop into that gap. It is a pretty amazing feat that a supposedly “dumb animal” can do these maneuvers we could never attempts unless we were as flexible as these lucky kitties are, but then, cats have never come across as stupid. Annoying, maybe, mischievious, oh yeah, irritating, they seem to have a schedule for that, but dumb, not by a long shot. These crazy cats now exactly what they are doing, and building catbridges is just one more thing they are going to do to get treats from us.