Sniglet of the Day : March 13

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Sniglet Of The Dayexecuglide – to maneuver oneself around the room while seated in a wheeled office chair.

If you have access to an office chair, whether at work or home, you have most likely done the execuglide. The execuglide is a sort of dance that can only be done on a wheeled office chair,and once you start, it seems to be impossible to stop. You can execuglide to the coffee room for your morning coffee and doughnuts. Do an execuglide to the staff meetings, or to the cubicle next door, maybe even to the washrooms or the elevator. If what you need is on your floor, the execuglide can take you there. Execugliding does not stop at work, though. If you own office chairs at home, execugliding can become very versatile. You can execuglide in your kitchen while cutting veggies at a low table or while doing that bit of homework at your own home desk in bedroom or home office. Execuglide to the kitchen for a glass of soda pop or lemonade while working or even during commercial breaks on TV. Execugliding is lazy, but fun, and not everyone has to talent it take to execuglide everywhere. Have fun with the execuglide while you can, because someone, boss, Mom, or wife, will stop you, and get on your case for being a lazy ass idiot. If they only knew!